A bed rail lets kids sleep safely at night

Check out our huge range of safety bed rails and guards for babies, infants and toddlers.

A bed rail guard -like those for sale here - really is an essential accessory for the bedroom if you want to ensure your young son or daughter is not at risk of falling out of bed while sleeping at night.

We have an impressive choice for bed rails and guards from major UK stores and we bring you all the top brand names including Tomy, Safe & Secure, Lindam, BabyDan, Safet Tots, Homecraft, Boori, Munchkin, Clippasafe, Safety 1st and Tippitoes.

We have a range of double bed guards - one for each side of a bed - and plenty of single safety bed rails for beds which are positioned parallel to a bedroom wall. Most bed rails are fixed by securing the base of the guard under the mattress and then tightening adjustable straps for additional stability.  

It's also possible to buy a portable bed rail here which is ideal for travel purposes - these are made of compact flexible fold up material and can be placed in a bed for extra safety when you are away on holiday, or a weekend trip staying with friends or relatives.

A bed rail guard can play an important role in helping a toddler on infant to make the transition from a cot bed to a junior bed - it can be an anxious time for parents when their little one starts to sleep at night in a proper bed without cot rails and sides. A single or double bed rail or guard can give mums and dads peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that their little ones won't fall out of bed if they turn over to the side of the bed in the night. 

Kids often wriggle about in their sleep and, without a toddler bed rail to keep them safe, they could easily topple out of the bed onto the floor. This could have serious consequences, expecially if the child was sleeping in a top bunk bed.

Bed rails are available in many different colours including red, blue, white, pink, yellow, black, brown and green - they are usually made of wood, chrome, aluminium or other coated metal. Wooden bed rail guards are a very popular choice and blend in well on a wooden kids bed. They are available in various types of wood including oak, teak, beech and other hardwoods. The Safe Tots wooden bed guard is a popular product and is suitable for a cot bed or single bed. They can be used in pairs for a bed which is open at both sides.

The fold down style of bed rail guard is an excellent idea which features an anchor mechanism which allows you to easily changing bedding. This type of bed rail is made of cloth and mesh and is very child friendly. 

Two of the leading names in bed rails are Lindam and BabyDan, reputable companies who sell impressive ranges of other child care products including baby gates, playpens and cot beds.
A popular choice of BabyDan bed guard is the Sleep 'n' Safe Bedrail which is made from tubular steel and has touch and durable folding and locking mechanisms, which make it a great choice for travel purposes. 

It is very easy to install and features a series of adjustable straps will stretch under the bed mattress. BabyDan also sell some very impressive wooden bed guards.

If you want to buy a Lindam bed rail guard you can't go wrong with the company's folding bed rails which are available in pink and blue. This bed rail has a very safe click lock mechanism and is quite cheap to buy at around £25.
Foam bed guards have become an extremely popular choice in recent years and are very simple to fit and use - you just place the foam wedge on top of a bare mattress and them make the bed, pulling the bed sheet over the foam bumper bed guard and then tucking it under the mattress. 

This type of soft bed rail is UK Safety Standards approved and is suitable for babies, toddlers, infants and older children.
We also feature a range of single and double bed rails and guards which are tailor-made to assist the elderly. Many old people have difficulty getting in and out of bed, and there's also the risk of a fall while they are in bed, so a suitable pair of bed rails can be fitted which have handles to grip for aiding access to a bed. 

This type of bed rail guard will often have a storage pocket built into it for holding books, spectacles and other items. 

The rails slide between the base of the bed and the mattress and have an adjustable strap for extra stability. Popular models of bed rails for the elderly include the Ablerise Bed Rail and the EZ Adjustable Bed Rail.

So whether you're looking for a cheap bed rail or a more top quality model, we're confident you'll find something here that suits your taste and budget.

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